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What is DevMountain?

DevMountain is an industry-leading coding school that began in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. Founded by fellow coders and designers, DevMountain's expert faculty are passionate about sharing their craft and empowering the next wave of programmers, entrepreneurs and designers.

Through our full-time (Immersive) or part-time (After Hours) programs, we are accelerating education by focusing on modern technical skills for today's fast-paced high-tech industries. We offer a variety of courses taught by industry professionals with years of real-world experience, from web development and user experience (UX) design to iOS development, Salesforce Development, and QA Testing.

Our high impact, hands on, project-based curriculum allows our alumni to build foundations to launch their careers, build their startups and achieve their goals. We infuse a passion for development and design into our community. DevMountain started in 2013 initially in Provo, Utah. With over 1500 graduates, four campuses, and eight course offerings, DevMountain is the largest coding/technology school in the Intermountain West, and one of the highest rated coding schools in the country.


Here's a quick intro to DevMountain via YouTube:

A taste of DevMountain's community and culture:

Check out a bit of DevMountain's culture here:

Our hiring/graduation/networking night, we call Demo Night:

Our hiring lunch we call Meet & Hire Lunch:

Student Stories

Dominique Clarke

Dominique Clarke

Domique recently gave up her job as a community manager at Zip Code Wilmington and headed for Dallas. Why? To attend DevMountain! "I would have attended Zip Code as a student," says Clarke, "but Zip Code focuses mostly on backend development. I knew I wanted to be a front end developer so I searched for programs across the country that focused on JavaScript and settled on DevMountain." While at DevMountain, she created Lalela, a music discovery app, as well as HikeScore, an app that was designed for exploring the outdoors. Since graduation, Dominique has helped bring Girl Develop It to Wilmington, and taught it's first class.


Tiafau Purcell

Was attending an online university, quit because it was "too slow, too expensive." Lost his part-time job halfway through the course, by the end of the course he had a full-time job paying double his previous salary. He's now back to further his skills in the after-hours iOS class.


Alden Aikele

After his father passed away, he inherited his father's roofing business in a slumping economy. Once he sold the roofing business and with no technical skill, he was accepted to completed DevMountain and returned to the Bay Area to get a job with ZenDesk.


Barbara Liau

She served in the military for several years, she decided she wanted to change her career path and came to DevMountain. While she was here she had to decide if she was going to re-sign to do another 4 years with the military or not. She decided to take the path of a developer and officially let go of her military ties. Barbara now works for a Park City company called Snow Logic, making snow for ski resorts in a smarter way. Snow Logic came to a DevMountain hiring event and now Barbara is developing the software for ski resort snow guns, skis down the slopes and determines where she needs to build the software to shoot more snow. Super cool.


Gabe Guerrero

He was the kid who did a selfie a day on his mission that the press picked up and went viral. He decided to come to DevMountain instead of doing a traditional 4-year degree that was "long and expensive". He has a fun ability to market himself and did that through going through our program and getting a great job as an IOS developer. He was a 20-year-old with no post high school education, decided to try an alternative approach through DevMountain and is making great money. He is very personable and great for interviewing.


James Pacheco

For many, getting a job at Goldman Sachs — One of the country’s most prominent global investment banking, securities and investment management firms — would be a dream come true. For James Pacheco, one of our current students enrolled in the iOS immersive development course, it wasn’t enough. James got a 1 of 3 spot job as a private equity analyst at Goldman Sachs after obtaining a degree in Economics. Although he liked his job and the opportunities it gave him, he felt like something was missing. He wanted a bigger challenge and made a decision some might consider foolish. He quit his job and decided to enroll in DevMountain. He is about a month away from graduating.

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