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Why Hire from DevMountain?

DevMountain is an intense and selective mobile and web engineering training program. DevMtn is recognized as a leader in the space. We select the cream of the crop who are high potential candidates with commitment to truly succeed. After 3 months of working with us our graduates join some of the most demanding organizations as beginner or mid-level engineers.

At DevMountain our engineers are strong, complete with CS fundamentals and the entire web development stack: HTML and CSS, front-end Javascript frameworks divke Angular, React and Jquery, server development with Node, and databases with SQL and Mongo. Contact our team to visit our campus or find out when our next hiring event is so you can see for yourself.

First Dibs

First Dibs

From class visits to priority emails and DevMountain Demo Nights, our employers enjoy having first picks.


Exceptional Engineers

Access to 120+ new job-seeking, world-class, and unprecedented developers every 13 weeks.


Cost Savings

DevMountain partnered employers are saved from high cost recuiting fees. We work closely to find you a money saving process to fill your open tech positions.

Our Students have Cutting-Edge Skills

DevMountain instructors and mentors are only the best. We hire top-notch industry professionals who have "been there and done that." Instructors' resumes include past work experience for companies such as Twitter, Reddit, Hirevue, MX, Jive, Scan and Apple.

Through 600+ hours of practical, hands-on, project-based training, students are tasked with re-implementing abstract tools and functionality, rebuilding web or mobile applications and gaining familiarity with industry best practices. Our graduates are taught skills that are current and useful in the industry. They learn valuable programming languages that give them the best knowledge possible for application in the work force.

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Employee Training

Talent pipelines are the lifeblood of successful companies. Great companies are full of great people. DevMountain help firms develop a luxurious pipeline of internal talent through precise and efficient skills development.

Let DevMountain help build your team.

Our hiring program makes it easy to find, attract and recruit your ideal candidates.

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