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About Us

Devmountain was founded in 2013 by professionals who had their lives dramatically changed through learning tech skills, and who wanted to give back to the community by sharing what they had learned with others. We’ve grown a lot since our first course—taught in a single classroom in an old candy factory—to the present day, as part of Strayer University, with campuses across multiple states. With our students, we are providing the experiences that have already changed thousands of lives.

We currently offer bootcamp training—courses mostly taught in about three months—in web development, iOS development, user-experience design, and software quality assurance. Curriculum is hands-on, project based, and designed by people with real-world, industry knowledge. Our courses are intended to take people with little experience and give them the skills and tools needed to apply for entry-level, in-field positions.

Our Purpose

The Mission of the Devmountain Brand:

  • We provide immersive experiences that change lives.
  • Devmountain's Five Lines of Code:

  • People are the point.
  • If you’re going to do something, it might as well be awesome.
  • You can’t solve a problem by making it someone else’s problem.
  • Nothing has to be the way it is.
  • Don’t assume when understanding is called for.
  • DevMountain by the Numbers










    Executive Team

    Hideo Hansen

    President & General Manager SEI Bootcamps

    Daniel Staker

    VP SEI Bootcamps

    Meggie Mahnken

    VP of Education

    Rachael Larsen

    VP Product SEI Bootcamps


    Executive Assistant / Systems Admin Manager

    Department Directors

    Katie Schooling

    Dallas Campus Manager

    Kayla Duong

    Phoenix Campus Manager

    Eric Simmons

    Lehi Campus Manager

    Karl Pfister

    Lead Programs Director | iOS Program Director

    Spencer Rich

    UI/UX Program Director

    AJ Larson

    QA Program Director

    Joseph Mecham

    Web Development Program Director

    Nolan Berry

    Director of Admissions

    Chance Sharp

    Director of Finance

    Jason Poole

    Director of Operations

    Emily Moench

    Director of Marketing

    Christopher Dominguez

    Director of Outcomes and Student Success


    Adam Kent

    Web Instructor

    Eric Sellors

    Web Instructor

    Matt Bodily

    Web Instructor

    Andrew Westenskow

    Web Instructor

    Olivia Laboriel

    UX Instructor

    Andrew Smith

    QA Instructor

    Zebediah Watson

    iOS Instructor

    Cameron Stuart

    iOS Instructor

    Product Team

    Zachary Springer

    Internal Developer

    Sunny Stevenson

    UX Designer

    James Ballard

    Instructional Designer

    Office Operations

    Chris Purdie

    Manager of Digital Marketing

    Jeremy Pugh

    Social Media Manager

    Matt Boulter

    Operations Manager

    Jackie Anderson

    Admissions Counselor

    Anna Hadley

    Admissions Counselor

    Colleen Weathers

    Admissions Counselor

    Derek Hatch

    Admissions Counselor

    Brittany Frank

    Graduate Success and Outcomes Coordinator

    James Larsen

    Graduate Success and Outcomes Coordinator

    Christian Dickerman

    Graduate Success and Outcomes Coordinator

    Jessica Swenson

    Student Coordinator

    Shawn Jolley

    Marketing Writer

    Natalie Lewis

    Internal Admin

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